Simple CB receiver with SO42P

For the regulation needs a transmitter or generator in mpa'nta the CB, that is to say in the region 27MHz. If you have a certain friend with CB, you convince you to help. Connect a piece of cable around in the one metre in the place of aerial. Be supplied the receptor with + 12V and turn in half the potentiometer of regulation of sound (R12). Turn on the generator or the transmitter CB and you emit in distance of 10 metres roughly from the receptor, in the channel that receives the receptor. From the loudspeaker it will be supposed it begins to be heard what you emit and if it does not have big force, you turn the core of inductor L1/L2 until you have a increase of intensity. After this you can continue with the various medium frequencies beginning from black (MF3) until you have the biggest intensity. If it is heard mjkrofwnjsmo's, you lower little the intensity of loudspeaker or you remove the transmitter from the receptor.

If you cannot find krysta'lloys you can make the modification that shows the form. That is to say, instead of crystal you in joint action put respectively coordinated circuits with LC each one in different channel. The receptor this can combine itself with the transmitter CB in order to you manufacture a complete station CB.

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