Simple CB transmitter with BD329

For the regulation it needs a voltmeter (with needle better) and charge 50W/5W. Connect charge 50W in the place of aerial, with the voltmeter in the exit voltmeter. Be supplied the transmitter with + 12V. It will be supposed we have consumption between 0,7-1A. With a screwdriver we regulate the core of inductor L1/L2 and later the variable C6 until we see the biggest tendency. We connect the microphone and speaking we observe the clue in the multimeter.
Simple CB transmitter with BD329 - schematic

If all have become right will be supposed the tendency, speaking, to go up roughly 30-35%. Tendency of catering: + 12V/1A DC. Frequency of emission at AM: ~27MHz. Force of expense: 2,5W

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