4017 based sequencer

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Below that is the clock section. The knob controls the internal oscillator`s speed, and that can be voltage-controlled via the `Speed In` input. Or, you can insert your own clock signal via the `Clock In`. This is slightly unusual, but I think having the option is useful. -Then you get to the 10 steps. Each has a CV control (+9V to 0V), LED step i

4017 based sequencer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ndicator, and individual CV and Gate outputs. You`ll also note the three-way switch. This can turn on or off each step, or can set that step to reset the sequence (so you can literally have a 1-step sequence if you want, or you can switch the 9th step to reset and have a musically normal 8-step sequencer) -After that you have Hold and Reset inputs. Hold will holda step indefinitely given a high gate signal. Reset will reset the sequence to step 1. Either can be controlled with anything that can create a high gate signal, even a +9V CV signal. Each also has an attenuated input, should you need it. -Master CV and Gate are just like the individual CV and Gate, but each step outputs to it. This way you can, say, patch the master CV to an oscillator and sequence the pitch. You may ask why I did what I did here, and it`s mainly for maximum patchability. It`s totally possible you`d never use parts of it, but I`m sure you can see the usefulness of each part (assuming you know how most sequencers work nowadays) This schematic isn`t entirely accurate, mainly because my version of LTSpice doesn`t have some of the parts. Given the description you can build it, though. You`ll have to pay attention to your exact 4017 and its outputs, otherwise this schematic will be a bit wonky for you. Oh, and of course, you`ll want to connect your 3-way switch`s 3rd setting to your reset pin if you want that. You could also just patch a step`s gate...

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