Intelligent sensor signal processor configured MAX1463 precision pressure detection circuit

Constituted by a circuit block diagram MAX1463 precision pressure detection system as shown in FIG. Bridge pressure sensor output voltage connected to the MAX1463 IN1 +, IN1- e

nd. Under the control of CPU, the pressure signal sequentially through a nonlinear calibration and temperature compensation after A/D conversion from the serial output interface to 80C51 microcontroller; DAC also been converted to an analog output voltage Uo, sent to the digital voltmeter is showing measured pressure value. General-purpose digital I/O interface GPI01 pin is connected to a fault alarm, when overflow sensor lead open or CPU occurs during program execution, you can drive the buzzer alarm. Linearization and temperature compensation of the sensor signals are stored by a user-defined algorithm done in flash by. CPU according to prescribed procedures to execute instructions stored in flash memory. When CKSEL termination high, MAX1463 selects the internal 4MHz clock oscillator. Since the CPU and operation of the ADC is fully synchronized, thus reducing the system noise.

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