Simple adjustment of high input impedance double wave linear detection circuit RC4558DN

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

As shown for the simple adjustment of the high input impedance double wave linear detector circuit. The operational amplifier circuit by the negative feedback loop to compensat

Simple adjustment of high input impedance double wave linear detection circuit RC4558DN
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e for non-linear diode installed mobile feedback level Vf. Circuit without the use of precision resistors, which is characterized by the gain difference can easily be compensated for by the positive and negative input adjustment VR1 approach. Since the signal from the inverting terminal A1 input, the input impedance is high, it does not appear nonlinear distortion. Enter positive half cycle of the AC signal, the output of A1 is positive, D1 is forward biased and is turned on, it is also a positive input A2, A2 output is also positive, with R2, VR1, R1 to be A1 beta negative 1 feedback, in general, into a gain of inverting amplifier 1. In this case, when the gain adjustment VRl unchanged. When the input signal is negative half-cycle, A1 output is also negative, D1 is reverse biased, A2 input to 0, the inverting amplifier A2 becomes. In this case A1 through D2 negative feedback, in fact, it becomes a voltage follower, inverting input and A2 input AC voltage is the same, while working as a gain for the inverting amplifier A2 1. In this case, the gain can be varied to adjust the VR1 A2, adjusting VR1 so that the overall gain is unity.

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