2x50 watt stereo amplifier

Posted on Oct 5, 2012

This electronic project stereo amp is based on the STK415-090-E class H audio power amplifier hybrid IC that features a built-in power supply switching circuit. This STK415-090-E class H audio power amplifier provides high efficiency audio power amplification by controlling (switching) the supply voltage supplied to the power devices according to the detected level of the input audio signal. STK415-090-E class H audio power amplifier is pin to pin compatible with STK416-100 stereo amp. This electronic project stereo amp will provide an 50 + 50 watts output power with 0.8 % THD , but it can provide more power , up to 80 watts with 10% THD. STK415-090-E class H audio power amplifier supports output loads from 4 up to 8 ohms and require an input DC voltage from 27 up to 60 volts.

2x50 watt stereo amplifier
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For 8 ohms load , voltage required by this stereo amp project are : +/- 27V for VL and +/-37V for VH . This 2x50 watt stereo amp project must be designed so that (|VH|-|VL|) is always less than 40V when switching the power supply with the load connected. Set up the VL power supply with an offset voltage at power supply switching (VL-VO) of about 8V as an initial target. To prevent over heating damage thermal design must be implemented and a thermoplastic adhesive resin must be used for this hybrid IC . A value of 2.34.C/W, satisfies all required thermal resistance of the heat sink . Electronic parts required for this 2x50 watt stereo amp electronic project are : R01, R02 1.5k ; R03, R04 100 /1W , R05, R06 56k ; R08, R09 4.7 /1W ; R11, R12 4.7, R14,R15 560 ; R18, R19 56k ; R21, R22 1k ; R24, R26 0.22 10%, 5W ; C01, C02 100.F/100V ; C03, C04 100.F/50V ; C05, C06 100.F/ 100V ; C07, C08 3pF; C10, C11 0.1.F; C13, C14 22.F/10V ; C16, C17 2.2.F/50V ; C19, C20 470pF ; C22, C23 100pF ; D01, D02 15V ; D03, D04 3A/60V ; L01, L02 3.H .

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