An electronic music rotating lights circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Circle MIC to lift the damper after it is converted into a voltage signal sounds, the op amp A buffer enemy, one road goes to the motor drive circuit for controlling the motor

An electronic music rotating lights circuit
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to rotate with the music rhythm; the other way to the break op amp B made into stride k controls the bidirectional -U Zhu silicon MCR, the lamp L with the rhythm of the music and continuous coup brightness to produce a strong sense of rhythm, the signal is picked up by the microphone mIC op amp a amplification, the signal strength is small, and then after three pull tube u U two high-gain directly amplified in the transistor U of C pole BU is greatly audio voltage which by c, RII a slide after driving straight fight n c motor control team work, so when the MIC pickup after the music signal, the motor will continue to rotate with the rhythm of the music changes. M leaving the lights appear rotation speed changing color rotation, rotation Bong circuitm outfitting constant speed rotating lights that effect Tiao single heir. B op amp output of op amp A tone signal progress Music release, Making music weaker signal can be picked up amplified sound guarantee Bong circuit in music often work less intense environment hf, the lamp L can be silicon Lang with music and rhythm to change the brightness. closed in wind motor control most acuity San Cave resistance, R. sensitivity to lights made lemon trimming resistor, if necessary, where, can make the team sheet j potentiometers for easy adjustment. power hungry ff/towels electricity through electricity stored C- buck .DI Ma rectifier supply circuit r irresolute, live electrical hole in a wall ends. about 18V linear fi + f: IU pressure. Address field drains drive motor circuit work normal work ashamed {f voltage generated by VD stable at 9V.

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