Guitar OmniDrive effect

Posted on Jan 4, 2013

This is a versatile distortion pedal. Think of it as analogue modelling, using analogue circuitry to model a wide range of analogue distortion devices. It includes the main elements found in the majority of distortion boxes. The unit comprises four sections: A pre-amplifier with switchable treble boost. A switchable low pass filter. A switchable full wave rectifier for octave-up effects. A clipping stage with variable gain and two clipping modes.

Guitar OmniDrive effect
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

These stages are combined with level and tone controls to allow emulation of most of the multi-stage overdrive and fuzz units. The rotary controls are drive, tone, blend and volume. The switches are treble boost, low-pass filter, octave up and distortion mode. I have also added an optional scoop switch to the tone control circuit. This cuts the mid-range and should be popular with death metal noise vandals. I suggest mounting the clipping diodes via a 3.5mm miniature break jack. That way you can insert little plugs with germanium diodes or asymmetric diodes or whatever in them.

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