I need the most basic circuit diagram for wireless energy transfer please

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Instructions to put together a small project on wireless energy transfer. If anyone knows of a good schematic that is super simple and geared towards noobs could you please share, or leave instructions. The simplest one I`ve found so far is this one off of some Hungarian guy`s youtube channel. It`s kinda hard for me to decipher and I when it comes to the capacitors I have no idea where to find these components.

I need the most basic circuit diagram for wireless energy transfer please
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Found a few at the ol` radio shaq but some I can`t find anywhere so I`d like a simpler circuit if there is one. If you know of an even simpler one to get me started with experimenting with w. e. t. please share or point me in the right direction. Thanks! Seriously Okay here goes - "Do you know where I can find a simple wireless energy transfer circuit diagram " Preferably one simpler than this. Digital Brent Aug 26 `12 at 22:17 @Insilico - his "question" is filled with valid questions. They are to some extent in the "passive voice" which makes them look less like questions. eg when he says "could you please share, or leave instructions" this IS a question and techically he could out a at the edn BUT the answer would be - "Yes" and indeed I COULD do so. But the questions relly menas "I would be grateful if you would:. , . Russell McMahon Aug 27 `12 at 4:15 @RussellMcMahon: I didn`t say that it wasn`t a valid question, in fact I think it`s an interesting problem. I`m just saying that one should make the question explicit. In silico Aug 27 `12 at 4:29 @Insilico - Our positions appear unlikely to assymptote. By asking ". what`s the question " you ARE "saying" that it isn`t a valid question. Or that you are unable to see a question. You now say that you COULD see questions but that they did not match your required style guides. You can the better pursue that line of march at Stack Exchange English Language & Usage and general...

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