Electronic sound control flooding imitation circuit design

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Cats are predators of rats, the use of electronic devices to simulate mew Repeller is an effective method. Because it is an electronic device, mew big or small, can be fast or

Electronic sound control flooding imitation circuit design
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slow, short or long intervals, and the circuit structure is simple, low cost, suitable for home-made electronics enthusiasts. Circuit works : by the time control circuit, mew generation circuit, power amplifier circuit. Time control circuit is by the time base circuit IC1NE555 its external RC components, diodes and other components. It is a variable duty cycle pulse oscillator, which controls the duty cycle of the R2 and R3. Mew generation circuit consists of a CMOS integrated circuit IC2KD-5605 as the use of storage technology inside the circuit will mew cured. Cheap generic small power amplifier power audio amplifier integrated circuits IC3LM386, which is characterized by very few external components, wide voltage range, low distortion, simple assembly. Close the power switch S, IC1 will power work in IC1 output terminal pulse output pin continuously. When a laser pulse excitation relay J pull its normally open contact J1 is turned on, so that a subsequent circuit receives power while work occurs mew, every triggering IC2, there soon meow output power is amplified by IC3 promote the loud speaker BL realistic sound. So that the mice heard faint, to achieve the purpose of the drive rats. Select IC1 components selected 555 base integrated circuit; IC2 selected KD-5605 audio integrated circuits; IC3 selected LM368. Relay selection JRX-13F small relay, speaker BL should choose 8, 3W speaker or dedicated number above drum speaker, Wu rest of the device specific requirements. After the installation is complete circuit, as long as the line is correct, generally without debugging can be used normally.

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