100w quad car amplifier

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This quad amplifier is actually intended to be used in a car, but it can naturally also be used for a variety of other medium-power applications. The TDA7375A can be successfully used in all situations in which a reasonable amount of audio power is desired and only a relatively low supply voltage is available. This IC is the successor to th

100w quad car amplifier
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e TDA7374B, which forms the heart of the active loudspeaker system described earlier this year. Such a quad IC amplifier is naturally an excellent choice for this application, especially since the individual amplifiers can be connected in pairs in the bridge con ¬guration, which allows them to provide approximately four times as much power. The new IC can handle a peak voltage of 50 V (10 V more than the TDA7374B), but what is more important is that it is also truly intended to be used for single-ended operation. It includes all imaginable types of protection in order to avoid the premature demise of the four amplifiers, and in fact it is ideally suitable for a no-nonsense` mini surround-sound system. For more information about the TDA7375A, we refer you to its data sheet, which can be found at The circuit shown here has four trimpots for individually setting the output levels of the amplifiers. In addition, all inputs have RC networks (R1/C1, etc. ) to block possible RF interference. The function of R6 is to separate the grounds of the input and output stages, in order to avoid possible ground loops that might arise with the use of multiple modules. A 5-W type is used for this resistor, in order to prevent it from going up in smoke if the ground connection of the power supply comes loose. C10 decouples the internal voltage divider, which biases the internal amplifier stages to half of the supply voltage. RC network R5/C9...

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