220V LED Flasher

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is the 200W lamp flasher circuit diagram. The frequency/speed of the lamp flashing can be adjust with the range of 1Hz to 5Hz. You can use the PR1 variable resistor (trimpot) to adjust the flashing speed. The duty cycle of lamp flashing can be adjusted using PR2 variable resistor. The DC input power supply. The following is LED Flasher circu

220V LED Flasher
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it which use 2 transistors for LED switching. The circuit works similar to flip-flop operation. Component Parts List: R1 = 10M ohm R2 = 1K - 100K ohm R3 = 470 ohm C1 = 0. 47 F - 10 F/25V D1 = 1N914 Q1 = 2N3904 Q2 = 2N3906 Led = High Brightness. Here the 220V AC lamp touch dimmer circuit. By only touching this touch dimmer you are able to increase the light intensity of incandescent lamps in three stages. The touch dimmer is designed all around 8-pin CMOS IC TT8486A/TT6061A especially produced for touch dimmer applications. In the beginning, when mains switch is "on", the lamp. This is the door bell circuit with flashing LEDs to make the circuit more attractive. IC1 (NE555) is applied right here as being a clock generator. It is actually set up as an astable multivibrator whose frequency could be altered using the support of potensiometer VR1. The clock pulses received from IC1 are fed to. Following is a circuit you can use to delay an electronic device to be disabled. For example, you can connect this circuit to the lamp in your room. When you turn off the lamp with a switch on the circuit, the lamp will remain lit in a certain period of time, before the lamp really. When the electric in your home/company has been shutted down for maintenance and or shutted down due to short circuit, you may need this circuit for backing up your electric power for temporary usage. This circuit is permanently plugged into a mains socket and...

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