27mhz intercom walkie talkie circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Intercom walkie talkie are the next logical step in this discussion. They show how a crystal oscillator can be used to transmit voice. Transmitting a voice via a crystal locked oscillator is not easy. This is because the crystal is locking the frequency and it is very difficult to shift it. The only way to do it is to add the audio as an amplitude

27mhz intercom walkie talkie circuit
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component so that the amplitude of the oscillator rises and falls with the audio signal but its frequency does not change. This is the figure of the circuit; Nearly all the components in the 4-transistor circuit are used for both transmitting and receiving. This makes it a very economical design. The frequency-generating stage only needs the crystal to be removed and it becomes a receiver. The operation of this circuit coincides with our discussion on receiver circuits at the beginning of this article where we said the receiver was oscillating all the time, similar to a weak transmitter. A 390R is added to the emitter of the oscillator stage to reduce the activity and turn it into a receiver. The next section of the circuit is called a building block. It consists of three transistors directly coupled to produce an audio amplifier with very high gain. The first transistor is a pre-amplifier and the next two are wired as a super-alpha pair, commonly called a Darlington pair to drive the speaker transformer. The third block is the speaker. This is a separate item because it is used as a speaker in the receive mode and a dynamic microphone in the transmit mode. A speaker can be used in reverse like this and it is called a dynamic microphone because of the coil and magnet arrangement. When you talk into the cone, the movement of the voice coil in the magnetic field produces a few millivolts output. This can be coupled to a high...

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