AD9850 DDS Module Motherboard

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Supports LCD Module (16x2 HD44780) Includes AVR Micro ATMEGA168 programmed with demo/test code. Top Quality US made PCB (w/Solder mask, Plated through holes, RoHS compliant) Designed by a long term amateur radio operator(N3ZI) and engineer (BSEE) Experimenters Kit Parts include: PCB, top quality US made Atmega168 micro programmed

AD9850 DDS Module Motherboard
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with demo code Socket for micro 40Pin female header which and be cut to make 2 10 pin headers (for 1 DDs Module) and a 16 pin header (for LCD) C1, Electrolytic cap C2, C3, C6, 0. 1uF bypass caps. VR1- 3. 3K fixed for LCD Bias R1 200ohm for LCD backlight. R3 4. 7K for reset line 2 Switches. Specifications Power requirements: 5VDC, regulated, filtered, and stable +/-. 2V Current 20mA, Control board plus LCD DDS Modules, 100 to 170mA each. Recommended supply capability, 500mA Outputs 2 Sine wave, approx 1v p-p @7MHz, no load. 2 Square wave, approx 5v p-p @ 7MHz. Frequency range 0Hz to 40MHz. Expandable to 50MHz with additional filter (provision on PCB) Step Size, as low as 0. 03Hz. DDS Type AD9850 or 9851 PCB Size 3. 15 in x 2. 00 inch Thickness, 1. 75 inch, including DDS Modules, LCD LCD Type, HD44780 compatible, 16 Characters, 2 lines, with 16 pin single row connector, and 5mA backlight. (LCD Not included with this kit, but these types of LCD are readily available on for ~$4. ) Microprocessor type, Atmel AVR ATMEGA168 programmed with Demo code. Demo Code functions Initialization of 2 DDS Modules Initialization of LCD modules (in 4 bit mode) Set frequencies in DDS modules to 7. 076MHz and 7. 106MHz Push buttons will increment and decrement those frequencies. LCD will display frequency and phase words (in hex) sent to each DDS module

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