how to build an inverter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

am freeborn Emmanuel, am into inverter, battery charger and automatic change over for generator and stabilizer designing. i do design locally made inverter for house and office use and i do install solar panel with inverter, i do design solar charge controller and lots more. all this are product of herd work and passion. am so passionate about ren

how to build an inverter
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ewable energy and i enjoy spending much time at home making research and experiment of all type of inverter design and other electronic circuit and am quick in understanding and am very smart, if i should tell the story how it all started it well be so unbelievable but you see with so much passion and herd work and above all faith in God i can now design an inverter and other use full electrical system for my self and for friends and other people who need my service, i also do maintenance on electrical system, and i do help student with there project and lots more. what is an inverter. inverter is an electronic system that convert DC (direct current) in to AC (alternating current). inverter is a noiseless power generator and it can be use to power home and office and other electrical appliances. how it work is very simple if you have a battery lets say a car battery and you want to power your TV set with your car battery you will need an inverter to convert the current from the battery which is 12V DC current into a useful 220V or 120V AC current. when using an inverter to power any electrical appliances the battery which is the main source of energy will be discharging little by little and after some time the battery will discharge to a point that the inverter will have to short it self down because of low battery in that case you will have to use a battery charger to recharge the battery back to normal. some inverter are...

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