Bicycle Sensing

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Bicycle sensors provide two main purposes: to record the motion of the bicycle in order to assist with collision reconstruction, and to relay signals to the bicycle controls to keep the bicycle on course. This will pose several component requirements, as the sensors shall be durable enough to withstand a collision. Also, the sensors shall be able

Bicycle Sensing
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to be installed on various bicycles with minimal modifications to the bicycle or sensors. Finally, the sensors have to be accurate in order to avoid relaying bad signals to the bicycle controls which may cause the bicycle to maneuver off course. A 3-axis accelerometer will be the main sensor for detecting the impact forces on the bicycle during the crash. The sensor will be oriented so that the x-axis will align with the horizontal bicycle frame; the y-axis will be perpendicular to the horizontal bicycle frame; and the z-axis to be oriented downwards in the direction of gravity, as shown in Figure 1. This will allow the measurement of forward acceleration, i. e. , along the x-Axis. As well if there is acceleration in the y-axis it means that the bicycle has some type of lateral movement and is maneuvering off-course. A cyclometer will be the main sensor for detecting the in velocity profile of the bike prior to the crash. The cyclometer will measure the revolutions of the tire and then the revolutions and be converted into velocity. Most commercial systems are designed to measure average velocity over long bicycle rids, so there system of records a sample for every full revolution; however, for our purpose we would like to get as many samples in a short amount of time as possible so we may have to implement our own cyclometer design in order to get multiple samples per revolution. From the video recorded from the 2011...

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