Posted on Feb 6, 2014

It is very important to know about the pins of the IC in order to build the circuit. 1GND - Ground, low level (0 V) 2 TRIG -. One day i went to my friends house and noticed that his doorbell gave a sound similar to a cuckkoo bird, whereas mine was a simple one. Then i thought that why not make a doorbell that would shake everyone like that of a machine gun. Ratttatttaaa. 4 RESET - A timing interval

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may be reset by driving this input to GND, but the timing does not begin again until RESET rises above approximately 0. 7 volts. Overrides TRIG which overrides THR. i may tell your instructable was very good but the way you present is correct for instryctables but i may tell you that you nedd to give a smaller description so it makes reading easy cause every one who search`s this type of content know a bit abput electronics and i am samad and i am also an indian and i am also younger than you. Your instructable was far more that good but you need a better way of presenting your content sooraj bhaiya! yYoc can see my simple instructable which gave me a pro membership very easily you can search it on instructables site my instructale is how to make a soldering iron with a 6 volts battery. 4)The Primary resource should ur good labeled diagram(sketched one is recommended and should be well labelled); As this instructable is also read by people with little or no knowledge about the circuit programming, the type of explanation should be Universal. 5)Consider editing the images, get it in focus, make it eye-catching(You can make use of photo-editing softwares too!); If you have no knowledge about photo editing or photography search for these instructables, many good collections of ebooks are available as a whole at this instructable site. 2)There are billions of teens and kids of this present generation, you can`t judge on behalf...

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