Circuit FM transmitter for MP3 and MP4 Player 2n2218 and 741 opamp

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Evolution FM transmitter with 2n2218 with audio amplification step using LM741 op amp with audio input for MP3, MP4, mobile, computer and other audio sources, beyond the traditional electret microphone. With great sensitivity to the input signal. Using fewer components and easy assembly makes it ideal for those who want even without much experienc

Circuit FM transmitter for MP3 and MP4 Player 2n2218 and 741 opamp
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

e assembling an FM transmitter with reasonable power. The coil should be obtained four winding turns of enameled wire 22 AWG air core self sustained and 1cm diameter. Also in this case we connect the antenna between the third and fourth loop because it ensures greater stability in the transmission. The antenna can be a telescopic 80cm, a piece of stiff wire or a specific antenna for FM transmitter. Must be connected at the point marked by Ant and the coil is connected via C2. As the circuit has an audio input type P2 to be connected in many different audio source, we adopted a trimpot to adjust the signal level of the circuit. Also adopted was a key to disable the electret microphone.

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