Philco Portable

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

It is a hansom battery portable radio with a roll top and even today it looks beautiful. When I was first given the radio it didn`t work. It had a burned out detector tube and I had no idea where I`d get a replacement for it. Most importantly, the radio didn`t have a shortwave band, so I really wasn`t interested enough in it to start trying to fix it. Besides that, I didn`t have a schematic diagram of the radio and back

Philco Portable
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then, a schematic would have been nearly impossible to get. Only now, thanks to the Internet, are schematics and repair manuals available. Again, thanks to the Internet, replacement tubes are readily available too. By the way, I ungratefully failed to acknowledge the gift or thank my mother`s friend for her thoughtfulness. I wish now I would have because, short wave or no short wave, I really love this old radio. Today this radio is a beautiful relic from the real Summer of `42 when people who were young and alive then went on picnics and outings with their battery operated portable radios and enjoyed the peace and beauty of the outdoors before the Second World War swallowed it all up and then left us with the Cold War with all the terrible rumors of Nuclear War that followed. With the rear open you can see the dry cell battery pack under the main chassis, the ac plug inserted in the "battery operation" position, the 5 silver colored receiver tubes on the left and the black rectifier tube on the far left. The wires going around the inside of the radio case is the loop antenna for pulling in AM stations. A label on the back suggests using this radio to receive the sound while watching early, pre-war, television. These were rather expensive radios for their time and worth about $400 in today`s money so only the rich and elite would likely own one. Only about 1, 500 of these radios were ever made and I wonder how many of them...

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