Data collecting system of LCD human-computer interaction

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This text regards MSC1210 as the cores of measuring, SIGPROC signal processing and communication, has designed the module of acquisition system of high-accuracy temperature. It is easy to expand that this system measures the passway, survey accuracy is high, can carry on the measurement of the high accuracy data fast. The hardware part of this sys

Data collecting system of LCD human-computer interaction
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tem is mainly made up of data acquisition of forward end, processing circuitry, rear end data processing, LCD circuit. Two parts carry on communication through RS-232 serial interface. The overall scheme of the system is patterned and shown as in Fig. 1. Data acquisition partial key device chooses MSC1210Y5. This is mainly because this microprocessor has 24 ²s ADC, its available accuracy is higher than 22. Its inside includes the intact forward path including inputting buffer memory, simulation switching circuit, programmable gain amplifier, ADC and numerical filtering part And after in DAC passway, finish not must observe and control these on systematic oning some. In addition, this processor sets up the internal passway function by way of changing the command register, all right the intersection of selection input and buffer memory, arrangement enlarge gain to noise temperature ratio, control channel switch switch over, go on, bias, correct etc. with order, it is very convenient to use. The partial circuit structure schematic diagram of data acquisition is shown as in Fig. 2. Two are key the power consumption of the chip MSC1210Y5 and MAX3223 is very low in this system, so, the power 3. 3V in designing the moderato Offered through RS-232 interface from the back end system. Except the intersection of RS-232 and interstar connection of interface, insert J1, the intersection of J2 and signal 8 the intersection of AIN and...

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