Delay Wipers

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

You may need a different wiper motor in some cases, rebuilt units are typically available at the parts store for a reasonable cost. Once you have the parts and the manuals, it should be a simple matter of installing the right switch, motor, and (if needed) wiring. If all goes well, things should all fit like they were meant to and the wipers should work without

Delay Wipers
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trauma. If your year and model did not have delay wipers as an option, start looking for a later year or different, but still very similar, model that was offered with delay wipers. If the models are close enough, you may be able to coble together a system of factory parts that will work. Or, you may find a related model of a more upscale/luxurious car that has the same basic body style (say, a Pontiac that is similar to your Chevy) and the more upscale car did come with delay wipers as an option. The parts should be close enough to make it work - but you will have to do some hunting. Your primary problem will be the switch itself - they will likely be different between the cars. Some creativity might be needed, but the basics aren`t too hard. One example of this is that my 1973 Buick did not have delay wipers as an option, but starting in 1974, delay wipers were an available option. The two years are nearly identical, so many parts swap without incident - including most (if not all) of the dash pieces. I was able to confirm this by comparing the part numbers and application years for the non-delay wiper switch and motor - they were the same, and the wiper switch and motor were labeled as "delay wiper only" pieces. Based on this search of the parts numbers, I can reasonably infer that the wiper linkage is the same, only the motor, wiring, and switch are different. The delay switch mounts in the same place as the non-delay...

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