Design Of Op Amp Sine Wave Oscillators

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The HV732 is a complete, high-speed, high voltage ultra- sound transmitter pulser. This high performance CMOS in- tegrated circuit (IC) is in a single 7x7x0. 9mm 44-lead, multi- die, QFN package. The HV732 CAN deliver up to a ±2A source and sink cur- rent to the load transducer. It is designed to be used as a transmitter pulser in medical ultrasou

Design Of Op Amp Sine Wave Oscillators
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nd imaging and ultra- sound material NDT applications. It CAN also be used for other piezoelectric or capacitive MEMS type transducers as a high voltage driver, or for ATE and pulse signal generators as a high voltage signal source. The HV732 has a built-in damping circuit to generate fast return-to-zero waveforms. It also has built-in, high voltage MOSFET gate-clamping functions to quickly change the out- put waveform amplitude. HV732 circuitry consists of controller Logic circuits, level translators, a MOSFET driving Buffer gate-clamp circuits and MOSFET Transistors as the high current and high volt- age output stage. There are two pairs of MOSFETs in the output stage. Each pair is consists of a P-channel and an N-Channel MOSFET In each pair of MOSFETs the P-FET and N-FET are designed to have the same impedance and CAN provide peak currents of over 2 amps. In the MOSFET gate-driver circuits, the output of the driver CAN swing from 0 to 12V on PDR and NDR pins, and the P-channel damping output swings from 0 to -5V on the DMPO pin. The HV732 CAN generate ±100V NRZ, RZ and PW pulses and low voltage CW waveforms. The up frequency limit of this IC is as high as 35 to 40MHz dependent on the load capacitance. Designing a Pulser with HV732 This application note describes how to use the HV732 to de- sign a basic high voltage pulser for an ultrasound transmitter with RTZ feature. HV732 uses the capacitor-coupling circuit in its...

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