Design of the electrical machinery umbilical low-powered stabilized voltage supply

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The Brusless DC motor of permanent magnetism is a new electrical machinery with new principle, innovative technology, new method at present, it is by the Brusless DC motor body of permanent magnetism BLDCM, trochanter position transducer RPS And control device CU Three parts of constituent electromechanics` integrated systems. This electrical mac

Design of the electrical machinery umbilical low-powered stabilized voltage supply
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hinery has overcome a great deal of drawbacks of the brush motor, so, develop quickly in recent years, have already applied to a lot of fields. The umbilical power mainly provides the electric energy for various chips of the control device, adopt, give control device chip to power after the multi-channel voltage output through high-frequency the intersection of DC/DC and isolated the intersection of switch and source transformations the intersection of system and external input voltage generally. Umbilical main input is minor, but require simple and reliable, good stability. The traditional switching power supply adopts the discrete components and parts, shortcoming of it is bad to store in circuit complicatedness, inefficiency, reliabilitying etc. U. S. A. PI Power Integration The specialized integrated chip of TOPSwitch series switching power supply that the company introduces can well solve these problems, make frequency as 100kHz on it, the peripheral circuit is simple, electromagnetic disturbance is small, the cost is cheap, can reduce volume and weight of the control device effectively, and strengthen the reliability of system work. Originally design choosing TOP224Y chip among themming forms the anti exciting type switching power supply of single-end as the control device power. The anti exciting type converter of single-end is also called the energy-storing type converter of the inductance, its voltage transformer...

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