Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter Using CA3161E and CA3162E

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

1N4001 a 1Amp Silicon rectifier with voltage range of 50 to 1000 Volts and possessing features such as guaranteed high temperature soldering, high current capability, diffused junction, low reverse leakage, utilizes void-free molded plastic technique for low cost construction, and carries Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification

Digital Voltmeter and Ammeter Using CA3161E and CA3162E
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of 94V-0 by its plastic package CA3162E a monolithic analog to digital converter that provides 3 digit multiplexed BCD output with features such as availability of extended temperature range version, over range indication, maintains delay with hold inhibits conversion, high speed (96Hz) and low speed (4Hz) conversion rate, internal timing with no external clock required, differential input, capable of reading 99 mV below ground with single supply, ultra stable internal band gap voltage reference, and dual slope A/D conversion CA3161E a monolithic integrated circuit that performs the BCD to seven segment decoding function and features constant current segment drivers, low standby power dissipation, pin compatible with other industry standard decoders, eliminates the need for output current limiting resistors, constant current segment outputs, and TTL compatible input logic levels 7805 a 3-terminal 1A positive voltage regulator with output transistor safe area compensation, internal short circuit current limiter, output voltage of 5V, 12V, and 15V, internal thermal overload protection, no external components, and current output in excess of 0. 5A Voltmeter a device or an instrument used for measuring the electrical potential difference between two points of either alternating current or direct current electric circuit 7 Segment LED is a form of electronic display device for displaying decimal numerals that is an alternative...

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