Electro Harmonix drum sequencer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Back panel terminal connectors: Audio out, Trigger In, Clock In, Clock out CV out; plus the chord of the power supply which is internal, note that there`s no button to switch it ON/OFF: just plug and play. SEQUENCER steps mode with 8 levers from lower to higher octaves - all are extremely sensible to each minimum move. A sequence has two main modes: looped or

Electro Harmonix drum sequencer
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retriggered by the (spongy) piezo pad; the relative frequency tempo is defined by the leftmost lever RATE with a range from pretty low to total crazy speed. Making a sequencer is almost immediate and you get a lot of random square weirdness in a seventies space movie style! but for more sophisticated note sequences you have to use your ears and spend some times. VOLTAGE CONTROL a nice trick is to use the CV out to send this sequence to an analog synthesizer, although it ouputs higher Voltage than standard-commercial synth scale. so It will NOT work very well your analog synthesizer, unless you mod the Voltage out in approx 0-5V range: we did it and. hell it works! CLOCK the unit can be synched to to CLOCK IN with a trigger signal - some nice results with a Ramp wave, less with a some drummachines. A cool weird function is the sequencer retriggered from beginning using the TRIGGER IN (it does the same function of the pad)- if you are good in the synching art you can use this function to get less steps than the standard 8. UPDATE: in 2013 Electro harmonix released a kind of step sequencer only for CV control (no oscillator) called 8 Step Program It sadly lacks Gate out and analog Sync

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