Electronic Dictionary Radar Terms

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The allowable reduction in system performance. For a fire control radar, the acceptable degradation is usually expressed as a reduction in range; for example, the maximum lock-on range might be degraded by 25 percent without loss of essential defense capability. Acquisition: The process between the initial location of a tar

Electronic Dictionary Radar Terms
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get and the final alignment of the tracking radar on the target. Operational phase of a fire-control or track radar during which the radar system searches a small volume of space in a pre-arranged pattern. A procedure by which a fire control tracking radar attains initial lock-on. Usually, the approximate target coordinates are supplied to the tracking radar and it searches a predetermined volume of space to locate the target. AFC: [Automatic Frequency Control] An arrangement whereby the frequency of an oscillator or the tuning of a circuit is automatically maintained within specified limits with respect to a reference frequency. A magnetron drifts in frequency over a period of time. The AFC of a radar makes the local oscillator shift by an equal amount so the IF frequency will remain constant. AGC: [Automatic Gain Control] A method for automatically obtaining an essentially constant receiver output amplitude. The amplitude of the received signal in the range gate determines the AGC bias (a DC voltage) which controls the receiver gain so as to maintain a nearly constant output even though the amplitude of the input signal changes. Amplifier: An electronic device used to increase signal magnitude or power. See also GaAs FET Amplifier, Klystron Amplifier, Traveling-Wave Tube Amplifier. [ RF Equipment Amplifier Manufacturers ]. Amplitude Modulation: [AM] A method of impressing a message on a carrier wave by causing the carrier...

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