Elevator TARDIS

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The core of this project (play a sound when a sensor is activated) is applicable to all sorts of areas (Halloween, art installations, scaring your little brother, Burning Man, etc. ), so read this with an eye to applications you`d like to see. My first thought was to hack straight into the elevator`s up and down buttons, but I quickly came to my senses. Building

Elevator TARDIS
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managers do NOT want you messing with critical infrastructure (for good reason), and I personally don`t want to get on the bad side of anyone who gets stuck in an elevator because of me. (Around here the winner has been known to choose the loser`s tattoo. ) However, it occurred to me that it might be possible to make a completely self-contained unit, discreetly placed above the elevator`s drop-ceiling, that could detect when the elevator starts moving all by itself. How By using an accelerometer. An accelerometer measures, logically enough, acceleration. This is different from velocity - while a car (or an elevator) is accelerating from stopped to cruising speed, the accelerometer will read > 0. But once the car (or elevator) has reached cruising speed and the velocity is constant, the accelerometer will read 0. When you decelerate, the opposite happens - the accelerometer will read < 0, until the car (or elevator) has stopped, at which point the accelerometer will again read 0. To see what kind of numbers we were dealing with, I hooked up an Arduino, an ADXL345 and an Openlog. (Tip: the Openlog is a great tool for early development work like this - it stores all the data you can generate, making it easy to analyze later and see what you can do with it). I took a quick trip up and down in the elevator, popped out the SD card, loaded the data into a spreadsheet, and made a quick graph: In the above graph, the approximate...

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