Final Project circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Atmega 8535 Color Conversion to Frequency, the technology of instrumentation that can recognize of colors or also known as color sensor, is very urgently needed in the field of industry. This sensor has a lot of its usefulness as for the paint industry until for the photo satellite, agriculture, eye color detector and others. In this final project

Final Project circuit
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, the color conversion of instrument made by the microcontroller Atmega 8535, a color sensor TCS230, including of LCD display. Atmega 8535 as the main processor of the system, which serves to process incoming data from sensor, then display them on LCD displays. This is Lamp Room Controller based MicroController AT89551, in order to control an intensity lamp, a lot of method can be implemented. This control process is controlling the power through the lamp. Lamp which works on AC voltage, controlling the power can use triac. Power through lamp is controlled by firing process in the triac. Firing process in the triac is controlled by microcontroller. This system consists of some block, they are zero detector, infrared sensor, light sensor, seven segment, microcontroller and triac driver. zero detector is used to detect zero voltage at AC signal, infrared sensor is used to detect any move to inside the room, light sensor is used to detect intensity in the room, seven segment is used to display intensity in room, microcontroller is used to process input from light sensor, infrared sensor and comparator become digital data controlling firing triac, also triac driver is used as interface microcontroller and triac connected to 220 volt AC voltage. This is Instrument Color Separator And Wave Length Viewer Using Light Depent Resistor (LDR)-Based Microcontroller AT89S51. Automation system can replace human beings to do something in...

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