GenesisRadio Transceivers

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Later, I will use the same pivot table to list the parts out by each of the 8 phases in the build, organizing them into phase-specific bags O` parts. First thing I notice is that there are some slight disconnects between the liberally illustrated, online assembly pictorials (with associated instructions) and the Word Document of the Assembly Manual. For example,

GenesisRadio Transceivers
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Phase 1 calls for 21 diodes plus a zener diode. These are referenced in the online docs, but not in the word document. My customary practice of breaking the schematic out by phase is likely not going to work for me with this kit. Still, everything is all there; just spread out a bit. Lesson to be taken away from this is to thoroughly review the instructions (all versions: Word, on-line, and BOM) for each phase before beginning construction in that phase. You want to know what you are doing with each component and where on the board! Before going into a build, I always like to familiarize myself with the schematics and make sure I can track from the schematic to the PCB and vice versa. The documentation provided on the website ( Word Document ) has 4 bits of schematic which are apparently snapshots of development as the design progressed (or intended for general purpose use in the follow-on kits). Unfortunately, at least for me, this made it quite difficult to track from the schematic to the PC and back, since the identifiers (e. g. , "R9", "C53", "L4", etc. ) of most of the components in the schematics did not match with the identifiers on the silk-screen. Of course, one could always reverse engineer the PCB back to the schematic by essentially repeating the schematic-to-pcb mapping process in reverse. I am not up to that task and have asked GenesisRadio if it might be possible to publish a complete schematic that agrees on...

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