Gray Tube Replication 75

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Using an odd mix of high voltage diodes although I have some 1200 volt, 6 amp diodes on order which will replace the three HV diodes I`m currently using. The Relay is triggered with a basic transistor circuit and square wave generator. The circu

Gray Tube Replication 75
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it works best at about 1 Hz. Skaght, you have a nice clean setup there, but I`d change one thing: replace that 22k resistor with a choke of high self inductance (or perhaps high NEGATIVE self inductance[bucking coils]), and put one on the negative side also. Tesla always charged through inductors, never resistors. they dissipate energy as heat. Have you seen any "negative energy" battery charging effects I`d love to charge a battery with negative energy and see some of the strange phenomenon that Bearden talks about. And I agree with you, I wouldn`t be surprised if the battery exploded. The circuit blew up a 1 ohm resistor in some earlier experiments. At least I`d guess that it shouldn`t be a fire hazard as the circuit does seem to run cold. I like the idea of using coils rather than my resistor, but I`m using a vintage high voltage tube power supply for the 200 volt supply. It`s only rated at 100 mA so I want to be careful with it. Resistors let me know exactly how much current I`m drawing. For OU attempts, I`ll switch out to a different source and I`ll keep the coil charging scheme in mind! The thing about newmans in my setup is about wire to be used not the engine design, he make some tests and find out that tinned copper wire is far more magnetically efficient. Im not sure about engine, it either may be magnetic piston or magnetic repulsion, depending on my (lack of) abillity to calculate components for eds tube power...

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