Guitar Schematics

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

With a magnetic compass ensure that both pickups have a South polarity on the top of the pickup. Verify by reading a North polarity on the bottom of the pickup. You might rarely find both pickups with a North polarity on top. If you find one pickup with North on top while the other pickup has South on top, then there is no need to do pickup su

Guitar Schematics
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rgery, but only need to confirm the wiring is in phase. (2) With a permanant felt tip magic marker, put an amply visible "dot" mark on the pickup lead that is connected to ground, about 1" from the end that was desoldered. This will be used to reverse the wires polarity when reassembling the operation. (3) Desolder bridge pickup leads and braided ground sleeve wire from harness and remove bridge pickup to your work bench. Set it on a nice and clean workbench with ample room to work on safely and easily. (5) Remove the braided ground shielding sleeve wire from the pickup and lead wires. If the braided wire runs thround the wires` hole in the lipstick tube, it will not be soldered inside and can be pulled out by first loosening it`s grip around the wires by pushing it toward the pickup to loosen it`s "chinese handcuff" grip on the lead wires, and then pulling it from the liptstick hole. If the braided ground sleeve is soldered to the lipstick tube or mounting bracket, then it does not need to be desoldered, and the lead wires will pull out of the sleeve by loosening the sleeve in the same manner of loosening it`s "chinese handcuff" grip on the lead wires. (6) Warm the bridge pickup with a hairdryer to soften any wax potting. Woring it in 110 degrees F air works well. At around 120 degrees the wax will melt. () Pull on each of the bridge pickup`s lipstick tubes, sliding them apart from and off of the internal black-tape...

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