Hercules: The Motion Controlled Android Robot using Arduino

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

I was intrigued while playing the motion games on Nokia 5800. I was thrilled, how I could control the racing car by only tilting the phone. I used to drea

Hercules: The Motion Controlled Android Robot using Arduino
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m of making this same car in the real world. Hercules is the name given to my motion controlled robot because of its immense torque and speed. The robot is controlled by an android phone through bluetooth. The advantage of using an android phone to control the robot, is that I can use any android phone to control it and am not confined to using only one controller for the robot. The use of an android phone as a controller, significantly reduces the cost of the project, since money is not spent in building a controller for the robot. The Hercules was built for the 2012 Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai`s IIT Techfest ( Asia`s largest tech festival ). The objective was to build a motion controlled robot that could race around an obstacle track. The principle of divide and rule can be applied in every aspect of our life. This simple principle is also applied to this circuit. The circuit is divided into different boxes. This modular design makes it easy to maintain and troubleshoot the circuit. If some component burns off during the competition or when it is being run, then the corresponding module can be replaced quickly. 1. Cut the PCB using a hacksaw into 4 parts as follows: a) 2 nos. of PCB each having eight holes in length and three holes in breadth and b) 2 nos. of PCB each having six holes in length and three holes in breadth; which after assembling should look like the first picture. 3. Solder wires (approx 4...

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