Automatic delay the start of operation of the circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

After the line on the power switch, the motor does not start immediately, but to delay a specified period of time, the machine can be used for automatic intermittent lubricatio

Automatic delay the start of operation of the circuit
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n control. Motor boot delay intermittent operation circuit shown 4-31 Fig. When closing the power switch Qs and manual switches SA, time relay KT1 is energized, the start time. After reaching KT1 setting time, which delay the closed contact is closed, the contactor KM is energized, the motor starter transport revolution. At the same time KT2 also was electric pull, after - after a period of time, KT2 delay closing contact closure, the relay is energized KA, KA break contact disconnect, KT1 missing, and released its contacts open, KT2, KM. KA are de-energized, the motor is stopped, but the manual switch SA still in the closed state, so KTI entered timekeeping. When arriving at the timing A, KT1 contact closes, the motor began to start running. After running the previous process said the same, tons of starter motor M is stopped, again and again.

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