High-Quality Stax Headphone Adapter

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This project allows one to build a very high quality version of the Stax SRD-7MkII headphone adapter to allow one to use an existing favorite amplifier to power your stax headphones. (Let Birgir know what amplifier you have to find out if the adapter is possible in your setup. ) If you can find a used SRD-7MkII, which are pretty rare, it likely wou

High-Quality Stax Headphone Adapter
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

ld be less expensive (~$300 ) than the project adapter. But because this project uses high quality parts (mainly the James Transformers, Teflon insulation silver coated wiring, and silver solder), you might achieve superior sound quality. I have had a SRD-7MkII and I believe subjectively that the project adapter achieves superior channel separation, instrument isolation, detail and bass quality. Included below is a complete parts list. Total parts cost is about $400 - $500. I don`t have the receipts for a few parts but I estimated the cost on those. I only added a normal bias stax connector since I use the wonderful Stax Lambda Normal headphones. But the circuit board allows connection for both normal and high (pro) bias, and one could easily cut another hole in the chassis for another Stax headphone connector so that you can have both possibilities available like the SRD-7MkII does. It took me about 4 months to build working as time permitted. I think that this could be finished in a week or less if one has the dedicated time. I`ve been using this for nine months with perfect operation. Thanks so much to Birgir for his help throughout the project. Please feel free to comment and suggest improvements. 14 ga Silver-coated wire (Teflon-insulation I think) for Speaker Circuit and what I have been using as speaker wire for many years (bought from Scott Welbourne many years ago) The circuit is based around a voltage multiplier...

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