High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitor Reformer

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The high voltage electrolytic capacitors in valve equipment tend to deteriorate if the equipment is not used for an extended period. This deterioration takes the form of reduced capacitance and greatly increased leakage current. In some cases, the capacitor will become virtually short circuit. If an item of equipment with capacitors in this state

High Voltage Electrolytic Capacitor Reformer
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was used, the high current drawn could cause the capacitors to overheat and possibly explode. This can also cause damage to the mains transformer and rectifier valve. This unit is designed to pass a controlled low current through the capacitor, allowing the internal chemical composition to reform gradually without the risk of overheating. Two output voltages are available. The 240V setting is intended for reforming 275V capacitors, while the 320V setting may be used for 350V and higher components. The unit is also very useful in the early stages of testing and repairing valve equipment. This use is detailed elsewhere on this web site, and will not be repeated here. This unit is designed for operation from a mains supply of 220-240V 50/60Hz. The design is not suitable for operation from a 110-120V supply (as used in the USA and some other countries). However suggestions from a visitor to this page, for producing a 120V version, is given at the end of the article. This unit is connected directly to the mains and produces potentially lethal voltages. Do not allow this unit to be used by young children or persons who are not aware of the dangers. The unit must be prominently labelled with appropriate warnings. It is recommended that this unit is not permanently fitted with a mains plug, so that it cannot be inadvertently connected to the mains. The unit is intended to be used in a workshop situation, by someone who knows what...

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