High-stability oscillators (non-crystal)

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Will LC-based oscillator be able to show performance comparable to crystals in such conditions (probably in wierd variants like LC-opamp. so that any energy loss on each stage is recovered and we are getting narrower bandwidth) Look at some of the amateur radio circuits (ARRL, RSGB, . ), especially from a few decades back, where people valued wide range tunability plus stabiity and did some very clever

High-stability oscillators (non-crystal)
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things to achieve the best results they could get. Sme thing approaching a badly performed crystal, but with tunability, should be able to be achieved. Russell McMahon Mar 4 `12 at 7:10 Do the math. Look up Q of some crystals and then find what the series resistance of a inductor would have to be to match that in a L-C resonant circuit. Olin Lathrop Mar 4 `12 at 14:43 @ThePhoton You know, credit from Stackexchange for 10% per year. ;-) Actually I had 1852 before I placed these bounties, they are subtracted immediately. BarsMonster Mar 6 `12 at 17:23 If you can track down this 1941 [!] original and/or the many derivatives based on it using both "valves" and `solid state" circuits you will probably find circuits with performance about as good as you can get. One reference noted that the oscillator output was designed to be plugged into a crystal socket and when used at eg 12 MHz to provide the reference fquency for a 2 m, etre band (144-148 Mhz) transmitter, produced a signal which was zero beat stable for hours ata time when compared with a crystal controlled test unit. Zero beat stable means drift is within a few Hz at most as otherwise you hear "rumbling" as the two signals heterodyne. I don`t speak or read Croatian and gargoyle was having a bad day but I believe the circuits below are based on Seiler`s ideas. See pages 147-148 here. Translation to English (unless you read Croatian) looks worthwhile. Many other related...

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