How to Make a Simple 200 VA Homemade Power Inverter Circuit Square Wave Concept

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

An efficiency of around 85 % and a power output of more than 200 watts is what you will get from the present design of a power inverter (home built). Complete circuit schematic and building procedure explained herein. You might have come across many articles regarding power inverters, however you might be still confused about making a power inverte

How to Make a Simple 200 VA Homemade Power Inverter Circuit Square Wave Concept
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r The present content provides a complete building tutorial of a home built power inverter. If you are planning to make your own low cost and simple home built power inverter then probably you won`t find a better circuit than the present one. This heavy duty, easy to build design includes very few numbers of components which can be found readily available in any electronic retailer shop. The output of the inverter will be obviously a square wave and also load dependent. But these drawbacks won`t matter much as long as sophisticated electronic equipment are not operated with it and the output is not over loaded. The big benefit of the present design is its simplicity, very low cost, high power output, 12 volt operation and low maintenance. Besides, once it is built, an instant start is pretty assured. If at all any problem is encountered, troubleshooting won`t be a headache and may be traced within minutes. The efficiency of the system is also pretty high, in the vicinity of around 85% and the output power is above 200 watts. A simple two transistor astable multivibrator forms the main square wave generator. The signal is suitably amplified by two current amplifier medium power Darlington transistors. This amplified square wave signal is further fed to the output stage comprising of parallel connected high power transistors. These transistors convert this signal into high current alternating pulses which is dumped into the...

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