How to Make a Simple Reverse Forward LED Light Chaser Circuit Using IC 4017

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

LED light chaser circuit typically refers to an electronic configuration able to generate or illuminate a group of LEDs in somepredeterminedsequence. One popular IC 4017 is very commonly employed for making this type LED sequencer circuit. The IC basically is a Johnsons 10 stage decade counter/divider and can be used for many interesting light pat

How to Make a Simple Reverse Forward LED Light Chaser Circuit Using IC 4017
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tern generations, and may be used for variousdecorativepurposes. We all have probably learned a lot regarding circuits using the above IC for producing chasing light effects, however making the IC create "reverse" "forward" "chasing" pattern with LEDs is something many of us might not be acquainted with. The IC has 10 outputs which generate the sequencing high outputs in the order of the pin outs - 3, 2, 4, 7, 10, 1, 5, 6, 9, 11. The sequencing takes place in response to a frequency applied at pin 14 of the iC Pin 13 is used clock inhibit inhibit and will stall the circuit if connected topositivesupplyterminal, however connecting it to ground makes everything normal, so we connect it to ground. The pin 15 of the IC is connected to the second last pin 9 of the IC, whichmeansthe output resetsevery-timethe sequencing reaches pin 9m, and the moment this pin goes high, the IC repeats the action byresettingthe system. Pin 14 is the clock input and requires to be fed with asquarewave frequency, easy obtainable through any astable oscillator made from ICs like IC 555, IC 4049, transistors etc. Looking at the figure, we see that basically the IC is arranged in its normal sequencing or chasing mode, however the clever introduction of the diodes at the outputs of the IC make thesequencingappear to be reversing and forwarding from start tofinishand vice versa. The diodes just make the outputs of the ICalignin a to and fro manner by...

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