Hv739 Ultrasound Pulser Demo Board

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This demo board data sheet describes how to use the HV758DB1 to generate the basic high voltage pulse waveform as an ultrasound transmitting pulser. The HV758 circuit uses the DC coupling method in all Level Translators There are no external coupling capacitors needed. The VPP and VNN rail voltages CAN be changed rather quickly, compared to a high

Hv739 Ultrasound Pulser Demo Board
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voltage capacitor gate- coupled driving pulser. This direct coupling topology of the Gate drivers not only saves two high voltage capacitors per channel, but also makes the PCB layout easier. The input stage of the HV758 has high-speed level translators that are able to operate with Logic signals of 1. 2V to 5. 0V and are optimized at 2. 5V to 3. 3V. In this demo board, the control Logic signals are connected to a high-speed ribbon cable connector. The control signal logic-high voltage should be the same as the VCC voltage of the demo board, and the logic-low should be referenced to GND. The HV758DB1 output waveforms CAN be displayed using an oscilloscope directly by connecting the scope probe to the test point TX1 to 4 and GND. The soldering jumper CAN select whether or not to connect the on-board equivalent- load, a 330pF, 200V capacitor, parallel with a 2. 5k ©, 1W resistor. Also, a coaxial cable CAN be used to connect the user`s transducer to easily drive and evaluate the HV758 transmitter pulser. The HV758 is a monolithic 4-channel, high-speed, high voltage, ultrasound transmitter pulser. This integrated, high performance circuit is in a single, 8x8mm, 64-Ball FCBGA package. The HV758 CAN deliver up to a ±2. 2A source and sink current to a capacitive transducer. It is designed for medical ultrasound imaging and ultrasound material NDT applications. It CAN also be used as a high voltage driver for other piezoelectric...

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