Inductor saturation tester alternative route to dump the excess energy

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Yes, it does charge the inductor again. Diodes are a good that they will not charge the inductor back but of course dissipate fair amount of instantaneous power due to the forward voltage drop. One way would be to monitor the current and stop driving those fets when the current turns negative, but I guess that is quite complex solution. I think that a suitable resistor in

Inductor saturation tester alternative route to dump the excess energy
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parallel of the left diode will solve that charging problem, provided that you are not in a hurry to charge the capacitor, i. e. the pulse frequency is low enough, so that there is enough time to charge the capacitor before the next pulse. To be honest, the reason I started this thread was to start learning and trying to build much simpler one compared to Janne`s nicely built, and the idea of dissipating the excess energy from the inductor popped out while learning it. In my version, the plan is to build a standalone unit with the signal will be supplied by using a much simpler pwm generator like using a 555 for generating the triangle wave and a comparator maybe like LM311 with a pot for duty cycle adjustment in order to get a really small pulse at low frequency. This should be workable right Those scope shots are really nice, and if its not too troublesome, please shorten the pulse maybe like 10us to get close to the "knee" without the signal shooting up too high to show the complete cycle nicely in the scope screen. And from your traces, it looks like the inductor decaying speed was so fast. Also how is the discharge cycle when the inductor was releasing the energy Again, if you had a chance, please do trace the TP4 point, curious to see how the voltage jumps at the point during the decay period. Off topic, your TCP202 decaying red trace is slower with a slope compared to the black inductor trace which is straight...

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