Infrared IR Illuminator DIY

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

You can easily build an infrared illuminator yourself at home with a little effort. You should have basic electronics knowledge on order to attempt this simple IR illuminator project. There is nothing difficult in this circuit. I have used 68Ohm and 1 Watt resistors in this circuit diagram. The Infrared LEDs are easily available from every electronics store. Some users have reported that they have successfully

Infrared IR Illuminator DIY
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

used 5 LEDs in per series which made the LEDs a little brighter however it is up to you, you can do some experiments by changing number of LEDs. For fitting purposes, I used general wiring board available in the market and fit the Infrared IR LEDs in such a way that they make two circles. A large circuit and a small circle inside the large circuit. This gave the Infrared light a torch like effect by concentrating IR Infrared Beam in a small area. After the fitting, I cut the outside of the wiring board in a round shape and fit it inside an old Torch`s body. Now I use it as an infrared Headlight in my backyard along with my security camera.

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