Line follower obstacle avoider

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This tutorial details the construction of a simple and low cost robot. The robot is mainly a line follower but can also be used as a photovore, a photophobe, and obstacle avoider!And all this for less than 40$. The best part is that the robot does not use any microcontroller, which means you need no expensive programmer or even a computer to progr

Line follower obstacle avoider
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am your robot. This tutorial is mainly aimed at beginners, hence I have tried to keep the robot as simple and cheap as possible. With only a few parts you can get this robot up and going. Here is a video of the robot following black line. I bought the motor, wheels and L-Bracket from a local store. I`m not sure if you can buy the same parts online. But similar parts are available at hobbyengineering. com For designing the robot chassis I used Google SketchUp, which is a free 3D modelling software. I didn`t include much detail in the model like the electronic components, wires etc. The robot uses differential drive as its steering mechanism. When the sensors sense the black line the corresponding motor is stopped until the sensors are back on the white surface. Thus, the robot is able to stay on the line. Before building the chassis, you will have to add 0. 22uF decoupling capacitors across the motor terminals. This not only increases the life of the motors but also reduces noise in the circuit. This is an optional step. Make sure that you print the template to size (8cm x 9cm). To print the template to size, save the template in your PC. Once saved, right click on the template and select Edit`. The template should open in Paint, where you have to click on the Print option under the File menu to print the template to scale. This is only for Windows users. Once the holes are drilled, attach the L-Brackets to the base with the...

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