Long Range Cloner

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The ability to be able to read a 125Khz access card or keyfob at a large distance involves numerous factors including reader antenna size, radiated power, receiver sensitivity and the like. The reader cloner shown on the previous web page has the benefit of simplicity and low cost but is only capable of reading an RFID tag from a distance of appro

Long Range Cloner
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ximately 3-4 inches. The ability to read a tag from much greater distances requires much more complicated receiver circuitry and the ability to generate a higher power RF magnetic field. Rather than designing a long range reader from scratch, my long range cloner project leverages the use of a commercial off-the-shelf long-range reader that I have modified to be able to write a T5567 Read/Write card with the information that is output by the commercial reader. The reader that I selected for my project is the 5375AGN00 MaxiProx reader that is manufactured by HID. The reader has a typical read range of up to 24 inches for a standard ProxCard II access card. The reader outputs the card information via a standard Wiegand interface following each read of a valid tag. The wiegand data stream is then sent to a custom circuit board that I have physically installed into unused space within the MaxiProx reader. The custom circuit board utilizes a Parallax SX28 8-bit microcontroller to decode, display and store the data that is sent by the reader. Commercial readers do not output all of the binary information that is transmitted by the tag. Information such as the card number, the facility code and parity bits are transmitted by the reader whereas the front end preamble and detailed card format information are verified by the reader but not output as part of the wiegand data stream. However, this missing information can be captured...

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