MGT Lifetime/Universal Disc Drive

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The Lifetime Drive, later renamed the Universal Drive after issues regarding implied warranties, was produced by Miles Gordon Technology (MGT) in April 1989 as a floppy drive capable of connecting to most popular machines at the time. MGT was run by Alan Miles and Bruce Gordon who had previously made the PLUS D disc interface for the Spectrum and

MGT Lifetime/Universal Disc Drive
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later went on to make the Sam Coupe, an incredible 8-bit machine that arrived at the end of 1989. The Sam Coupe was not particularly popular often being compared to the 16-bit Amiga and Atari`s and led to the demise of MGT in 1990 when they went into liquidation. They then setup another company called SamCo, buying the rights to the Sam Coupe and produced it and further hardware upgrades until September 1992 when they once again went into liquidation. To use your Lifetime in conjunction with an existing drive you will need a floppy cable that has at least three connectors. You can then wire it up to the spare IDC pin socket mounted on the cable. These multi-drive cables normally have a small section of cable twisted to switch round the drive select. If you choose to make your cable connect to your existing drive cable then you will not need to wire it up for a secondary drive.

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