Make circuit of the inverter and operating principle by oneself

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

We introduce an inverter today mainly by the MOS field effect tube, the ordinary power transformer forms. Its output power depends on the power of MOS field effect tube and power transformer, avoid the convoluted voltage transformer to wind, suit electronic fan`s spare time to adopt while making. Now introduce operating principle and fabrication process

Make circuit of the inverter and operating principle by oneself
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of this voltage transformer. Adopt CD4069 and form the signal generator of rectangular wave here. R1 is the compensating resistance in the circuit, it is unstable in frequency to use for improving the shock caused by change of the mains voltage. The shock of the circuit charged and discharged to finish through the electric capacity C1. Its oscillating frequency is f =1/2. 2RC. The maximum frequency of the diagramatic circuit is: fmax=1/2. 2x103x2. 2G—10- 6 =62. 6Hz, the minimum frequency is fmin =1/2. 2G—4. 3x103x2. 2G—10- 6 =48. 0Hz. Because of the error of the component, actual value will have some the difference. Other surplus sending to the phase shifter, earth and avoid influencing other circuit in the input end. Because the maximum crest of signal voltage of vibration that the rectangular wave signal generator outputs is 0~5V, for drive the intersection of power and switching circuit fully, here use TR1, TR2 the intersection of oscillating beacon and voltage amplification to 0~12V. As shown in Fig. 3. The field effect tube is a core of this device, before this part of operating principles in the introduction, explain the operating principle of the MOS field effect tube briefly first. The MOS field effect tube is known as MOS FET too, namely Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor metal oxide semiconductor field effect tube Abbreviation. It generally has two kinds of depletion modes and enhancement types....

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