Many space impulses generating circuit on the basis of one-chip computer and CPLD

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The system adopts the modular design, the one-chip computer AT89S52 and CPLD is CPU of the overall system, the coordination of the control system. Set up the cycle of the systematic pulse signal through 4G—4 key set module at first, choose the output mode of the pulse, and provide status indication; CPLD carries on data communication with the one-chip computer after receiving the input signal,

Many space impulses generating circuit on the basis of one-chip computer and CPLD
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and reveal pulse video interval through LCD1602, then pass the data processing of one-chip computer and CPLD and produce the required pulse signal, exported by CPLD. Among them status indication is red, green, yellow by 3 different colors Luminescent diode provide, its level is from I/0 mouth output of CPLD; The first 10 locations of the key of 4G—4 key set module keyboard are that figures 0-9, 11th are that radix point, the 12th are the options button A1 of the pulse to the 14th, A2, A3 is used for choosing the output mode single head, bipitch, three, Add another YES key. AT89S52 is a kind of low power consumption, 8 high-performance microcontrollers, have 8 k bytes in the programmable Flash memorizer of the system. AT89S52 uses the nonvolatile memory technology of the high density of Atmel Company to make, fully compatible with industry 80C51 products order and pin. Flash allows the programm store programmably in the system, is also suitable for the regular programmer on slice. On the single chip, AT89S52 has 8 dexterous CPUs and in the system programmable Flash, make AT89S52 control the application system to offer the high flexible, valid solution for being numerous and embedded. AT89S52 has the following standard functions: 8 k byte Flash, 256 bytes RAM, 32-bit microcomputer I/O port line, watchdog`s timer, 2 data indicators, 3 16 timers / counters, a 6 vector and 2 grades of interrupt structures, the serial port of...

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