Model 1681 Instruction Manual

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This manual is applicable to all integral horsepower DC motor controls of this series from 40 HPto 300 HP. The integrated circuit regulator selection of these DC motor controls are modular inconstruction, affording a minimum of down time in the event of a malfunction. Exceptional speedregulation and torque limiting is realized over their full oper

Model 1681 Instruction Manual
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ating range. Operational features include: minimum and maximum speed adjustments, acceleration anddeceleration, current limit and IR compensation adjustments. In addition, forcing andstabilization adjustments are provided for stabilizing the drive in systems with various intertialsand the constants. Fault logic circuitry protects the controller from over current, phase loss, incorrect phase sequence and over temperature. The power section of the controller is a three phase full wave bridge (six thyristors). Thisconfiguration yields full-wave six-pulse control of the motor over the entire speed range. Thyristors, which are silicon controlled rectifiers, conduct when their gate terminal is pulsedpositively with respect to the cathode. Once switched on the thyristor remains conducting untilits anode voltage falls to zero. Pulsing the thyristor "on" late in the half cycle, when its anodeis positive, will cause a small amount of DC power to be delivered to the motor. Pulsing thethyristor early in the half cycle will result in a large amount of power being delivered to themotor. Thyristor switching waveforms are shown in section 3. 1. A printed circuit board assembly called the firing circuit provides the pulses to gate or turn onthethyristors. Three pulses spaced 60 0 apart switch the thyristor on at the adjustable point in each half cycle they appear. When low speed is called for the pulses appear late in the half cycle. When...

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