Multi-channel temperature circuit and cipher scheme of acquisition system on the basis of CPLD

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The thermocouple of the Model K is present industrial production, one kind of more common temperature sensors of scientific experiment, inner liquid steam of subject brightness range of Centigrade 0- 1 300 in various production for its all right direct measurement, gas medium and solid surface temperature. Because its measurement limit and higher

Multi-channel temperature circuit and cipher scheme of acquisition system on the basis of CPLD
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cost performance, make the thermocouple of the Model K employ extensively. But the non-linear, cold compensation scheduling problem exists in the thermocouple of the Model K, especially while dealing with and compensating the problem, demand higher cost and it is difficult to have better effects. So MAX6675 temperature that this text recommend gather the chip, has remedied the above-mentioned defect of thermocouple of the Model K. Combine and use MAX6675 for industrial production and experiment, can bring a great deal of facilities to the project and reduce the tedious by-product circuit with the thermocouple of the Model K. This text provides multi-channel temperature circuit, internal logic design module, error analysis and experiment statistical report of acquisition system based on CPLD, and Application Process and characteristic report of MAX6675 multi-channel temperature acquisition system. MAX6675 whether whom Company produce, Maxim of U. S. A. , have cold junction compensation, linearity correction, the intersection of thermocouple and serial Model K thermocouple analog-digital converter that circuit break find, the resolving power of its temperature is 0. 25 ; The cold junction compensation range is 20 80 ; Working voltage is 3. 0- 5. 5 V. Examine the warm principle according to thermocouple, the output thermoelectric force of thermocouple not merely relates to temperature of the measuring terminal, and relate to...

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