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Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This diagram shows a redundant - closed loop ground wiring system. This is intended to reduce dependency on the frame for ground purposes in the charging circuit. The second (lower) diagram is as the bike was built using the 12 volt Alton generator and an Alton supplied rectifier/regulator. It is a bare bones diagram. Within 2 years, the Alton supplied rectifier/regulator failed, and Paul Hamon recommended

Vincent Motorcycle Electrics
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using a replacement. I selected a Podtronics unit as installed in the upper diagram I installed the Alton unit and I find there is a 23mA bleed to ground through the voltage regulator green ground lead. The Vincent 12v battery was running down when simply sitting and the fault traced to this. What is my problem Craig Comontofski 11/7/2011 On the wiring diagram ("magneto" type) we suggest to add a switch to avoid a small leak current passing through the small black wire of rectifying regulator when the bike is at rest. This is approximately 20 milliamps. Not very high but enough to drain a battery in a couple of days (depending on the battery range). So add this switch if you want to avoid this problem. Another solution is to remove the fuse as soon as your bike is at rest for more than a couple of days. Or alternatively to use a home battery charger for long rests. This inconvenience comes from the source of rectifying-regulators. They actually come from small capacity Japanese motorcycles on which the ignition key switches the small black wire of rectifying-regulator (as indicated on the other diagram). In this case no leaking current because the battery is disconnected from the rectifying-regulator when the bike is at rest (ignition off). If you start the bike without switching "on" and run the generator with "open" circuit, it is not so good for both generator and rectifying-regulator if you insist for all trip but it...

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