Obstacle Avoiding Robot without microcontroller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

An obstacle avoiding robot is an intelligent device, which can automatically sense and overcome obstacles on its path. It is developed without micro-controller in order to eliminate critical circuits, difficult programming etc. All you want to do is to just understand the circuit diagram and start doing this robot. This simple technique can be inc

Obstacle Avoiding Robot without microcontroller
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orporated in wheeled robots to keep them away from damages and accidents. This intelligent robot requires several components to bring them alive. Itdoesn`tcost too much, and easily available in all electronics markets as well. Thecircuit diagramof obstacle avoiding robot is shown in the above picture. It could utmost help you to develop this robot with ease. In case, if you are new to robotics, observe the followingstep by step instructionsof all connections given below. Take the positive supply from battery holder via breadboard wire and place it in IN of IC 7805, and also connect its negative supply in last row of breadboard. After finishing the assembling work, connect the 9V battery via battery snap. Then, see what happens. The robot will automatically start traveling on the unstructured path without hitting any objects. When the left IR module senses any obstacles on its way, it will turn right till it stops sensing. Similarly, it will turn left when the right IR module senses obstacles. If both the sensors sense an obstacle, then the robot will stop moving. The concept of developing an Obstacle Avoiding Robot may be simple, but you may meet some obstacles in implementing it. Overall, I feel the above details are well-enough to complete this intelligent robot. It will cost approximately $40 U S Dollars to develop one. You can try it in your free time, and any quires related to it are most welcomed.

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